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Arts & Humanities

Art & Humanities Graduation Plan
. English Math Science History Grad Require Arts Elective CTE Elective Elective
Freshman English 1 English 1 PAP Algebra 1 Algebra 1 PAP IPC Chemistry World History Elective (if Geography taken) Speech, Technology, Spanish ½, Art, PE Band Art Theater . .
Sophomore English 2 English 2 PAP Geometry Geometry PAP Biology Biology PAP Elective Speech, Technology, Spanish ½,  Art, PE Band Art Theater . .
Junior English 3 College English Algebra 2 Algebra 2 PAP Pre-Calculus College Math Physics Prin of Tech Biology AP Anatomy U.S. History College U.S. Speech, Technology, Art, PE Band Art Theater . .
Senior English 4 College English Financial Math Pre-Calculus College Math Environ System Biology AP Anatomy Gov/Eco Elective (if college Gov/Eco already taken) Speech, Technology, Art, PE Band Art Theater . .

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Extra electives that can apply to art:

  • Interior Design
  • Principles of Construction
  • Fashion Design
  • Culinary