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STOPIT Anti-Bullying Information

About STOPit Solutions

STOPit Solutions was founded in 2013 with one mission in mind – to empower schools, colleges, government, and workplaces with comprehensive and complementary safety technologies and compliance solutions that help create inclusive, connected, and healthy learning and working cultures while minimizing overall organizational risks.

STOPit Solutions is delivering on its mission through our STOPit Anonymous Reporting System, 24/7 Incident Management Center, 24/7 Hotline Reporting Center, and our Mental Health & Wellness Compliance Training Center. These products and services are being used by over 6,000 organizations and more than 4 million students and employees globally. The result – STOPit has intervened in over 150,000 incidents that helped deter inappropriate behaviors, assist individuals in distress, stop violent acts, and mitigate risk and legal exposure for our customers.

Malakoff ISD uses STOPit, an online and app-based system, to empower students, parents, teachers, and others to anonymously report anything of concern to school officials - from cyber-bullying to threats of violence or self-harm.

STOPit does more than just help schools address incidents and mitigate risk. STOPit will also help us go beyond reacting to bullying and inappropriate behavior and instead start deterring it. As young people continue to engage more with technology every day, Malakoff ISD is taking a proactive step to empower students to become Upstanders in our community in the way that they feel most comfortable. MISD believes adoption of STOPit is an important step in the continued effort to provide a positive school climate and a safe learning environment for students.


MHS access code is mhstigers

MMS access code is mmstigers

MES access code is mestigers

TES access code is testigers

To make a report please visit STOPit.